Me graduand, you…?

Yes, I’ve graduated 🙂

“I hereby certify that … (me!) after having satisfied all the conditions prescribed by the University, was on the third day of July, 2002 duly admitted to the degreee of Bachelor or Science with Honours in E-commerce and Digital Business in the Second Class, Division Two”


The ceremony was funny – 400ish people all across one stage in under an hour! Well organised & a nice way to end uni. Lots of people I won’t see again, which is sad, but things happen & people move on… that’s life.

Then I went out for dinner with Mum, Dad and Katie at Wagamama, which was interesting. I love the place. Not sure what the others thought, but no doubt they will read this and let y’all know. They all set off home soon after that, and I was left alone.

Not long after that I went to the pub with Rob & his brother James (the Three Wheatsheaves) and chatted a bit & played a bit of pool. Which was nice.

Then (yes there’s more!) I helped Nathan move a bunch of stuff from his old house to his new house. His new house is in an area which, well, let’s just say isn’t the nicest of places in the world. It’s on the edge of one of the worst estates in the UK… nice eh? Not that we saw people dealing drugs on his street corner, honest. Anyway, the house is nice inside – the rooms are bigger than mine, but that’s not hard!

After that (it just keeps coming!) I went back to Laura’s with Nathan & we watched E.R. (which I’d seen like 6 months ago, because us real people have E4 and see it when it’s first shown) and Big Brother on video.

Anyway, now it’s time for bed – big day of work tomorrow!

BB predictions? Let me know below…. mine are below too.

Voted out, in order:


Although Tim & Alex may be other way around… I think that’s what it’ll be. And I’d just like to say that I picked Johnny from Day 1… so let’s see if he can make it.

Funny this, because I hardly watch it… honest.

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