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Yesterday was another day of nothing much of interest until the evening. I went out for dinner at Laura’s house (as in Nathan & Laura), which was really delicious – roast chicken mmmmm. After that we got Sixth Day out from the video store… it has it’s moments, but isn’t that great. Then it was home here to chat to more of Simon’s friends, help Rob fix his computer and then bed just as it was getting light.

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3 thoughts on “Date up to”

  1. “help Rob fix his computer”
    i wont say it!…… oh what the hell! CRAPPY LINUX!

  2. Got so bored of working at Swift Research that you read my site? I guess that’s almost a compliment.

    And fixing Rob’s computer was only partly installing Linux, the other part was his hard disks randomly failing.

  3. prob failed due to the OS…

    Yeah things are quite quiet this week – not much work going out or coming in. However we are doing some research for Bold, so I get to sort through peoples washing – not so nice. Then the rest of the day I fill by randomly walking round trying to look busy. My boss is out of the office for the week so I usually just sit in her office and find stuff on ebay, oh and of course read your diary.

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