It’s all coming back

Well, guess what? Not too productive a day, but that was mainly because I went to bed late last night, and by the time I surfaced it was too late to get much done. I did finalise my letter for Navs and sort out brochures etc for that. Although I keep sending emails without the attachments to people, which really annoys me!
About 6.30ish I went out to Nathan’s housemate’s brithday barbeque, which was good. It was odd tho, lots of people from church & CU that I didn’t know. But Rachel F was there who I really haven’t seen in a long time. Poor her only gets 2 weeks holiday this summer – but she did choose to be a medic!
Then 4 of us popped off to our housegroup social in the Rose & Crown, which was really nice – just chilling out with people that I see most weeks, so I made sure I chatted to most people there at least for a bit.
Another good day 😀

Author: Alex

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