Well my mum complained that I haven’t updated this – some people are just SO demanding! Hehe.
Anyway, on to more important things – FRANCE ARE OUT OF THE WORLD CUP! How shocking is that? How shockingly did they play? Interesting thing is that the last time the holders went out in the group stage was in 1966 – the year England last won it! And as I write Ireland are 2-0 up, guaranteeing them a place in the next round – come on Ireland!
Now to trivial things.
Sunday I chilled out (so what’s new?!) and went to church and then the pub in the evening. After few games of Bar Billiards and a few pints, we came back to our house with some of Simon‘s friends.
Then Monday I chilled out a bit, but decided that enough was enough so I prepared a list of people I need to get in contact with about next year, and today I just need to get a draft letter together for them – so watch out, some of you may be receiving non-digital communications from me soon!
Also took a stroll down the road to Maplin and PC World, which is a nice 10 minute walk. But what happened? Half way there it started chucking it down! The only 10 mins and me and Jim got caught (and soaked) in it! Jim bought ISS2 for his Playstation 2, which we played quite a bit.
Then watched The Game again. One of my favourite films – keep getting more things out of it the more I watch.
Bye for now

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