Another day, another entry

Well, a couple of days without entries, so here’s a recap on what I’ve done…
Thursday I had a meeting with Josh about my year out next year. Sorted a lot of financial stuff out… but I’m sure you’ll hear more about that soon 😀
Friday the Navs team did the Thomas International Profile – a personality & gifting profile – which was very interesting, but mainly confirmed stuff I already new. Although it did explain a few things like how I can be a perfectionist but not actually be one… confused? Yes, that’s me.
Then I watched the game…
1-0… very tense end to game, but it was a class English performance.
Saturday I drove to Essex and back for a wedding. 300 miles in one day… very tired, very stiff neck. But did I stop then? NOOOO. It was time for the Jubilee (Campus, not Queen thing) party. Unfortunately it was a slight anti-climax, not living up to the past 2 years, but still attracting a lot of people and it was good to see guys I haven’t seen for a while… including Rachel Owen, who I had been sure was avoiding me!
Then it is back here to emails and diary…
Bed time now though.

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  1. So I’m not the only one who is a perfectionist without actually being one!

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