Prepend 05

Picked up Nathan and Laura and headed off to Manchester… Wanting to be a little different we attempted to go through Snake Pass to the north west of Sheffield to get to Mancs… Nathan tried to navigate, but I think road numbers had changed and stuff, so we got lost and seemed to go around in circles for a while, but eventually we ended up on the right road somehow. Snake Pass was GORGEOUS in the wet and sunny weather! Would be nice to spend some time there in the summer since it’s not too far away.
Watched most of the Queen’s Jubilee concert when I arrived at Katie and Nik’s – some class acts on there… shame what’s-her-face of Atomic Kitten forgot to put on most of her clothes eh guys?!
Bed fairly early for me… fell asleep in front of TV… about 1 I think.

Author: Alex

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