Prepend 03

Oops – missed morning prayers almost on Sunday… oh well, got in for the end of it.
Sunday was a real turning point in Crossfire as I see it… it went from being an introduction to getting into some REAL issues. Stu and Ria shared some very personal stuff as an example of what can give you bad self-image and what can happen when you have it. Then Stu talked about issues which lots of young people are having to face – sex, sexual temptation, masturbation, rape, drugs, self-harm, eating disorders, parental pressure, peer pressure… and much more. I was impressed with how real they were and it makes you realise how much some of these topics are avoided in our churches and Christian groups… maybe if they were talked about more, they would cease to be such an issue?
Anyway, a lot of the young people were obviously concerned about these issues and a lot of discussing and praying went on – lots of first steps to dealing with things were made. Please pray they continue down the right track.
In the afternoon, Rachel’s friend Becky, asked me what my first impression of her was… how annoying are women sometimes? I don’t like making things up, but I really couldn’t think of much apart from that she hadn’t really made a big impression… so I called her “reserved”… she didn’t like that. Anyway, she set about proving to me that she wasn’t for the remainder of Crossfire… which was fun! Anyway, I will not refer to her as Reserved Becky again… honest.
Oh and I MC’d the roadshow, which was a mix of sketches, musical performances and messy games. It was meant to start at 9.30, but because of what had been going on before it started at 11, and we crammed it all into an hour.
People went to bed all by themselves again, although a little later this night… had a reflect with Ray and Wendy for a bit.

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