Prepend 02

Saturday started too early for my liking – 0710 – to the sound of brids chirping and people growling. Leader’s prayers is a nice way to start a day at Crossfire – time to get focussed before it gets manic.
We told everyone to not find out the result of the England match because we were going to show it on Saturday arvo. So we got everyone in front of the big screen at 3pm… this is when the bad news became apparent… the person we had lined up to record the footy had recorded the wrong channel – so we only had the Spain vs Slovakia game… big OOPS! They didn’t believe us, so we let it sink in by itself… not good.
Then that evening some stuff got nicked from tents (CD players & CDs) by locals… which was annoying.
So it sound like an awful day eh? Well it wasn’t. No-one let it get on top of them and we had some really good worship… and Stuart did some good opening talks.
In the evening Quench played. WOW! They are such a top band. My favourite non-mainstream band right now. They really rock well but also interact with the crowd well.
After it we had an hour or so of dancing, to tracks laid down by our resident DJ.
Had first real chat of the weekend to Rachel… sorted out a few things. Felt better after that.
Same again this night – everyone went to bed early, so I just hung around whilst the techies repaired the damage Quench had made!

Author: Alex

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