Prepend 01

Travelling to MY TENTH Crossfire was pretty easy – just about an hour to get there. I arrived very early and didn’t really have that much to do to start with, but soon people started arriving and I picked some people up from the station.
One mistake I made was taking my Fiesta to go pick 4 girls up from the station… of course they didn’t fit, so I just did it in 2 loads. One of them was Rachel, my friend from Liverpool – good to see her again, but felt a little odd FSR. Mental note: Never underestimate how much a woman will take on a train.
My main job was doing check-in and handing out rather attractive bright orange wrist bands to everyone in an attempt to improve security (it failed – see Saturday).
Anyway, we had a good evening, but no warm-up games felt a little odd, but weren’t missed by many! It started slow as usual, with the new people finding their feet and regulars getting into the right frame of mind.
Then everyone went to bed really early. Poor me on late night duty didn’t have to stay up that late!

Author: Alex

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