Return of the…

Well, have just got back from Isis (for the first and last time this year!) where I went with KT and Ninja, although Ninja was off doing his thang most of the night. Was nice to have a dance with KT, and we found a bit of time to chat too, which was nice. Lots of people watching is all good.
What did I do today? I slept quite a bit and then got up, played football, showered, cooked and went out to housegroup.
Football had a couple of amusing incidents… someone kicked the ball over the fence out of the pitch, and it happened to coincide with a bus driving past… *BOOM* it popped! Never seen that happen before – normally it just goes between wheels. And then, to my embarassment, I took a shot on goal, but my shoe came flying off. Not only did it come off, but it too went over the fence. So I had the walk of shame around to pick it up. The shot didn’t go in, but at least the ball went further than the shoe!
Housegroup was at the White Hart, which is the first time I’ve been there. Very nice pub actually. A pint of
Guinness Extra Cold
slipped down nicely too. We talked about family and how to go along with “honour your father and mother” but still “loving God more than your family” (my paraphrase). Good discussion, makes you realise how many different family experiences people have come from.
Anyway, it’s about time I went to bed.
Night night everybody.

Oh and there will be a gap at the weekend when I go to Crossfire and then go on to Manchester, taking Nathan and Laura home and to see Katie & Nik.

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