So what now?

I can hear you all asking – what have you done with your time since you’ve been FREEEE! Well, instead of chilling out lots, I have been busy doing lots of fun things.
Saturday evening I went out with Nathan, Laura, Josh, some people I vaguely know and a bunch of people I sort of recognise from the first year. We went to Cafe Rouge… a mistake I won’t make again – very expensive for very little food. Don’t get me wrong – it was nice food, just not enough of it and far too expensive. Starter: Mushrooms, Cheese sauce and spinach. Main: Lamb and carrot mash(!). Pudding: Banana and chocolate pancakes and ice-cream. 26UKP for a meal is a tad steep IMHO. Then we went to a bar, and back to Rachel Mc’s (whose birthday it was) to play silly games until about 3am.
Sunday I went to church in the morning (sat behind a very cute kid, who was being inconsiderately distracting) and then out for lunch for hours with guys from house group (aka pub group). Very good food – better than Cafe Rouge and cheaper! A gorgeous chicken Thai curry followed by banoffee crumble (which was a bit sickly, but still yummy).
Monday I spent most of the day driving Jim to and from exams and to find tickets for The Works, which we graced with our presence later that night for 3 hours. Then it was back here to watch a few more episodes of Angel.
Today I have been shopping for clothes and phones (how expensive are new phones?!), which took forever (yes, literally) and so am now tired.
This evening we’re off to Ocean, if I can wake up from dancing last night and shopping today. Quite tempted just to go to The Grove for a quiet pint… but KT finished today, so it’d be nice to see her, even though she still has another year left… unlike some of us!

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