…it is now!

Well, I have SO much spare time now that I can write a whole load of updates!
Life has been very dull over the past few weeks with all the work that I was meant to be doing. But from now on, life will be funner – I INSIST!
So what do I have planned for the summer? (Lots of people keep asking this – look on the right for things that are actually arranged.
– Crossfire in a week
– Visiting friends/family – Liverpool and Manchester pencilled in so far.
– Wedding (not mine!)
– Parties (lots of uni ones)
– China? There’s a possibility I could go to China for 4 weeks. But to quote Luke (my contact) “I’d start looking for a job”
– Leading Edge – the usual Viz-A-Viz thing, looking forward to it as much as ever.

Then at the start of next year?
– Sailing on Morning Star. My first week of my year out will be spent sailing from Chatham on a tall ship under the command of the good Captain Duncan Miller.
– Then my year out…

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3 thoughts on “…it is now!”

  1. The entertainment has returned at last!

    Good to have you back!

    Wow… I can’t wait to finish… you’re making me jealous!

  2. I’d love to come and see Star Wars with you – but unless you come down here for a bit then it ain’t possible! I’ve set 3 more exams and my summer Ball this weekend!! But you’re more than welcome down here anytime!

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