Well, I did manage to get my dissertation in just about on time. It would have been minute perfect had it not been for the fact that I didn’t realise we needed 2 copies of it. So it was half an hour late, but plenty of other people had done the same and no-one minded.
So what did I do? I’d been awake for 30 hours solid at that time. So I stayed up a little longer, went round to Dunc’s and watched Blade Runner (well, sat in front of the TV whilst it was on – I slept a bit). Then chatted for a bit, and came home.
Sooo… 37 hours awake… what did I do? I watched 4 episodes of Angel
40.5 hours awake (2.30am) I finally went to bed. The odd thing was that I wasn’t actually that tired then, but I knew I needed to sleep otherwise I’d be all out of sync for ages.
Then today was a nice slow day – took my time waking up, watching a bit of football, took a walk in the park.
This evening we just went to see Dog Soldiers, which is a dark british horror movie about Werewolves. I liked it, quite different, quite dark and really quite scary.
Anyway, now to bed and up for church in the morning.
Sleep well!

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  1. Can’t bellieve that I just logged on to your site within a couple of minutes of your having posted your message. Telepathy?


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