Another day, another night

Well, it’s that time of the night again. The time when it stops really being today and becomes tomorrow. About 5am is the latest people go to bed and is also the earliest people get up. Hey – I’m gonna do neither tonight.
Lots of work on. 11 hours to get my project done and dusted. 8 hours of fierce working on it. 2 hours of printing, copying etc. 1 hours leeway to get it handed in.
I think I work as much as the next guy… just in big chunks…
Wanna know what I’ve been up to since my last entry… erm
Work, Football (in which I hurt my ankle, knee and both arms – impressive eh?, Work, TV (feed the addiction :o), Work, Sleep (just a little), Work, Work, Work…
Although in 366 hours I will have finished my degree. So one hour for every day of a leap year… like 2004 will be, but 2000 wasn’t – did you spot that?
Am I rambling? How come I can do it nice and easily on here, but when it comes to real work I type about a word a minute on average… maybe the problem is that it’s meant to be coherent, and this isn’t.
Hope you’re all sleeping well – get some for me.

Author: Alex

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