Where did those days go?

Well, as you can see by the infrequency of entries, my life is slowing down to an annoying halt because of work.
I was talking to KT, and realised the biggest thing that is making work so hard at the moment is that I’m bored… just plain bored of being a student. Not of the lifestyle, not of the people, just of the type of work and the structure of it. You never have any real time off as a student, and the work all seems so pointless. Oh well, only 17 days to go!
Anyway, what have I been doing? Do I have a life? No.
Monday was work, Tuesday was work, followed by dinner at Dunc & Joy’s. Going there to celebrate the end of my dissertation on Friday with Jim. mmm, free meals 😀
Today I have just had MY LAST LECTURE EVER! Cool eh? And now I need to find 1000 words for my dissertation before I go to play football in 2 1/2 hours.
So I’d best get back to it.

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  1. “the type of work and the structure of it”… how the heck would you know? You’ve hardly done any from the impression I’ve received (except in the last few weeks!)…..

  2. You are a harsh and unkind person, please do not come near me again, and you are officially banned from my website – goodbye.

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