Okie dokie!
Saturday night we ended up watching Coyote Ugly on Sky, which initially looked a bit girly, but turned out to be a quite good film. Not only for the good looking girls, honest!
Sunday morning was church time. The sermon was really good – an american guy had come over – it was about the Bible… originl eh? Basically encouraging us to rely on the promises in the Bible – to believe what it says. Simple eh? but cool.
The afternoon was filled with playing football, sleeping on front of the TV and a bit of eating.
Then in the evening… I watched some more TV – I do like my Sunday’s off work and computers!
Erm, then it was topped off with watching a lot of Angel series 1 off video.
Now… work!

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  1. Did you recognise the lead guy in Coyote Ugly? He played Doody in “Grease” in the West End.

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