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OK, yesterday was a very odd day.
I stayed up most of the night working on my dissertation, so I had something to show my tutor before he jets off to Hawaii. Then I realised that if I did see him, he’d just say “yeah, it’s good, get on with more”. So I decided to email it to him, and ask for comments… I am still waiting for the comments.
Anyway, so I slept a bit after that, then went to my lectures, which were a waste of time really, but I thought they might talk about the exams, which they didn’t. I think that’s the end of lectures for me now… maybe one next week… ooooo no more lectures EVER! Cool, hadn’t thought of that.
Then the rest of yesterday was a bit of a daze, because my sleeping patterns were all messed up. We went to The Grove in the evening, and then watched The Game, which is probably my favourite film – so clever, so entertaining and quite psychological. Watch it.
Today I just watched Arsenal win the FA Cup – good game, quite tense, good result.
Now work 🙁

Author: Alex

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