Time to dance

Oh, if only it was time to dance, then I’d be happy. One of KT’s friends at her party said that I was a really good dancer… that made me smile. Dancing is one of those things you can’t really know how good you are at it, cos you can’t see yourself doing it!
Anyway, away from my boasting…
Tuesday after I got my coursework handed in, I went round to KT’s to polish off our presentation, mainly coming up with an “Elevator pitch” for our product – supposedly lots of people approach venture capitalists in lifts, so they can’t run away, so people prepare a 30-second speech to sell their product. That was we had to do for our product.
Our product is very cool, and I’m not going to say what it is on here in case we ever want to use it for business, although I think we have proof we came up with it first. Look out for us getting rich from it! MWUHAHAHAA! oh, wel providing we could sort out some legal issues with it.
The presentation the next morning went well, KT did the actual pitch, and did so very well – women are more natural at selling things in my opinion :o)
Then Weds arvo I played football – 4-aside this week – VERY tiring, but also very fun.
Then I lisetened to Huddersfield vs Brentford in the Division 2 playoff semi-final. We went 1-0 up after 2 mins! Then they equalised after about 15 mins. 1-1. Then 20 seconds into the second half – they scored again. 1-2. Then a few minutes before the end… one of their players handballed in the area! But the ref was blind and didn’t give it as a penalty. So we lost.
Another season in Div 2 for the Terriers, oh well.
Last night I got a really good night’s sleep because I haven’t had one of those in about a week because of all the work that I have on. Now I just need to have a short night tonight to get my draft dissertation polished off for tomorrow, and the weekend will be nice. Then next week all I have to do is neaten it up and hand it in – scary!
So now, back on with work.
Take care all of you!

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