Cutting it fine

No, not cutting it fine with my coursework – that was in a good 10 mins before the deadline :o) Cutting it fine in getting this written today, so I don’t miss another day.
Well, yesterday amd today were basically taken up with work. Dull I know, but true. Had lots of group project stuff to polish off – the presentation is at 10 tomorrow morning – and also the coursework to do for 4pm today.
Anyway, what I have left:
1 presentation – 1/5
1 dissertation – 10/5
1 dissertation presentation – 16/5 [thanks for reminding me mum!]
1 class test – 16/5
1 coursework – 17/5
3 exams – 22,23,25/5
1 very long and enjoyable summer – 26/5-30/8

For the geeks among you, I’ve been playing with Gentoo for the past couple of days in my spare time. I like it, no problems so far.

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