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So where am I up to now?
Saturday evening I watched the end of What Lies Beneath and The Cell. The Cell is very weird, but cool in places – never seen it before.
Sunday I almost got up for church in the morning, but fortunately Nathan had rung me and warned me that it wasn’t on due to football. So I got up in time to watch the Grand Prix.
Then it was time to listen to Huddersfield Town vs Brentford… what a tense game for a chance to get promoted to Div 1. But it ended 0-0 with Town having the best chances (or so it sounded from the Huddersfield commentators). I’m off to the second leg on Wednesday with Josh. COME ON TOWN!
In the evening I did go to church and was not alone. It was a great service – the worship was some of the best I’ve been involved with recently (apart from Connected 2, which was greater). Then the talk was all about grace, which is always good when you’re feeling a bit pants about yourself. Realising that I cannot do anything to make Him stop loving me, or make Him love me more! WICKED!
Then today I got up early (not as early as last week – hence no early entry on here), but wasn’t capable of a coherent conversation like last week. Went round to Dunc’s, then came back here to work.
Just been out for a meeting about our presentation on Wednesday, and now back down to work… either for my dissertation or my essay that’s due tomorrow.
TTFN ppl

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