Who didn’t do it?

Well, no-one reminded me to write, so I forgot until now… so let’s see if I can bring you up to speed with what’s been going on. It’s late, so I might just get bored halfway through, or just plain fall asleep.
Tuesday was my sister’s birthday, so I spoke to her a couple of times. I love the postal system – I always leave posting cards to the last possible moment, and 90% of the time they get there on time. Amazon even delivered her present on the day :o)
My day off lectures was spent… erm, working on my coursework that is due on Friday. In the evening, I had a quick drink (WKD) and a couple of games of ISS.
Today I got up for my 10 O’clock lecture which was, as usual, basically a chance for the lecturers to see how our group courseworks are going (this one’s due a week today). Then it was off home in the glorious sunshine, which I enjoyed muchly.
Then it was FOOTBALL time – so I went off to the 5-aside pitch at “Chilwell Olympia” (a.k.a. a school sports facility) where 17 of us played a few games. Was very hard work today since it was so hot – dread to think what it will be like when it gets hotter! Think I’ll need to take more than a 2L bottle then!
Got back from footy, showered and went straight out to another meeting about my group coursework. And since I was on Jubilee for that I went to the library to pick up the dissertation I had reserved to read through – the story in Read More explains the funniness of this.
Then I went to see “Little Rachel” as she is known around here. Hadn’t seen her in ages, and ended up talking for nearly 2 hours about love, work and lots more. Was good to catch up.
Then back here (about 10.30 now) to have some dinner, which Simon and Rob had kindly cooked and left for me to warm up – mmm Spag Bol!
Then after some work, another WKD and some more ISS.
And now – bedtime.
Night meluvvers

The dissertation I booked out was by one “Virginia Rochester” and is basically on “The Use of Internet Technologies In Small Businesses”, which sounded useful to me. So I had reserved it, without ever having seen it.
Then I went to pick it up today, and was flicking through the first pages and noticed it said “Thanks to the staff of The Navigators (UK)” (they are the people I do small group stuff with now and am doing my year out with next year) which I thought was funny.
Then I thought “I should know this person really, since it was only written in 2001”.
[Brain starts working]
I realised that I knew a person who I knew as “Vidge” who was doing an IT masters.
So it turns out that I’d booked the dissertation of the only person I know who has done an IT Masters dissertation!
How odd eh? Let’s hope it’s good & useful.

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