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Well, today I got up for my 9am lecture which surprised me a little after I didn’t sleep very well – this house gets very hot when everyone’s back… I even had to use my fan to cool me down!
Anyway, the lecture was ok, and then I went to see my dissertation tutor to find out if I could change the slant of my dissertation to include some other “fun” work I have been doing. He sounded quite positive, but I need to get the go-ahead from the head of the projects, and see if I can change my title slightly to make it fit better. I couldn’t find her today tho 🙁
This arvo I had a meeting about my Entrepreneurship coursework where we realised that the idea we have might completely flop of we find out it’s illegal… we have a few backups, but they’re not as cool. Then it was back here to fiddle with my computers for a bit.
This evening Simon cooked a chicken in a mustard sauce on pasta, which was REALLY nice… I’m gonna miss you next year Simon! (Let’s see if he reads this). We watched Enterprise and Dawson’s Creek (Jen and Dawson?! never would have guessed it… an anti-climax really)
Now it’s back to work. KT is here and we’re going to fake up some questionnaires (oops, did I say “fake” I mean “make” of course) for our Entrepreneurship and find out some of the laws concerning the sale of alcoholic drinks. If anyone reading this knows the law about selling drinks or knows where we could find it… please let me know!
Bye for now!

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  1. Probably the “Licensing Act 1964” you want. Includes sections such as:

    Section 173(1)
    An offence is committed if any person in licensed premises procures or attempts to procure any intoxicating liquor for consumption by a drunken person.

    Section 173(2)
    An offence is committed if any person aids a drunken person in obtaining or consuming intoxicating liquor in licensed premises.

    I’ll leave you to read through the other 172+

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