5 thoughts on “Quickie”

  1. I’m shocked….

    i. You’re planning on attending a lecture (not that I can remember what one of those actually is)

    ii. You’re up at such an early hour on a Monday morning!

    BTW… my Log works fine on my laptop… so, it must either be my crap PC or a problem with IE5.


  2. Bit startling, I know, but I do have corroborative evidence in the form of an intelligible phone conversation with him at about 10.30am when he’d already seen various academic staff, although I cannot confirm he’d been to the lecture as well. Is he turning into the sort of son I always hoped for?

  3. An intelligent conversation?… this could imply he attended a lecture, which seems very odd. I personally think that he has been missing his medication…

  4. Mum – don’t worry – that’s not about to happen.
    Grant – you think that our lecturers are intelligent? hmm

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