Another day

Oh how annoying, I just lost this entry because I checked a link to Simon’s homepage and my browser crashed… So here’s a new version!
Friday I worked on a coursework, photocopying and reading mainly – only one more day to do on that and it’ll be sorted.
Yesterday I went to see Huddersfield Town vs Notts County at Meadow Lane, Notts. We (Town) lost, which was annoying, but I guess I didn’t want to see County get relegated (which they would have done had we won), and we played crap, so all-in-all not too bad. Don’t have any hopes for us in the promotion though – Brentford to beat in the semi…
Then, for Simon’s birthday, we went out to Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem (apparently the oldest inn in the country – 1189AD!), then on to The Roebuck (Wetherspoons) on St James’ St, which was a lot cheaper, but didn’t serve the lovely “Olde Tip Ale”. Then we all (8 of us) came back here and had a bundle of fun – let’s hope we get to see the pictures!
Now to bed, with a view to getting up and going ot church in the morning, although this is unlikely now, I’m gonna give it a go.
Night fans.

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