Pub, football and excercise

Had a quite productive day – spent it in the library looking for references – only 1 of the 15 books I wanted were on the shelf tho, so that was frustrating.
KT cooked me Spag Bol for dinner (well, she cooked it for all of us as a thankyou for putting up with her in the house) and it was luverly.
Went to housegroup tonight (Although we realised it wasn’t in a house so should be called pubgroup really) at The Rose and Crown. So I missed the football :o( But we won 4-0 :o)
Then came back and KT had made chocolate crispies – yum yum!
Anyway, KT has talked me into doing some Tai Bo with her now… this’ll be a first.
Then bed. Night fans!

Author: Alex

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