Maybe I was right

Maybe I really have got bored of this already. That would be very like me – I get bored of things very quickly. For a week or two, things seem interesting, then they get dull and I generally stop doing it then.
But I think a bit part of the reason I didn’t make many entries yesterday is because I was trying to recompile KDE 3 and I had closed down all my graphical stuff. Anyway, that’s boring.
Have just been to Pizza Hut for “all you can eat” for £4.99, I managed 10 slices, the record was 18 today, but 23 for all time (or so I hear).
They’ve all gone off to Laser Quest now, so I’m here working. The problem is with such a full stomach and not a great night’s sleep, I’m very sleepy! So some loud Fatboy Slim is keeping me awake right now, but I might need a nap in a bit!

Author: Alex

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