Novelty gone?

Has the novelty finally worn off? Will I hardly use this ever again?
No, I actually blame the fact that I’ve been away over the weekend and not had lots of work to get bored of. So hopefully (I can hear you all agreeing) I will get back to my old habits of several times daily.
Anyway, just to clarify something. I had a lovely half day with Nick, lunch at the pub, then back to watch the GP, some Star Trek and a bit of Angel before church. Then after church a few more episodes of Angel. Then we were going to go to bed. However, we then realised that between us we didn’t have anything for me to sleep in or under. So I figured it was best just to come home. Only took me 1.5 hours, so wasn’t too bad, got back here about 1.25 this morning, having taken the A14/A1/A52 route for a change.
Anyway, back to the grindstone tomorrow, after seeing Nathan and Paul in the late morning.

Hehe, look here if you understand lots of figures and graphs. Then see what happens when me and Grant are in the same place & neither of us view/edit my site! (In case you didn;’t notice – that’ll be the 13th April, where there is a BIG lull) Oh well, 12,000 hits still sounds good, even if 10,000 are from me and Grant! Hehe

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