It was a good day to…

Well, it’s been a nice day, the wedding was modern and youthful, which was great. With the odd traditional bit chucked in for good measure.
Ddancing, drinking, singing, talking, smiling, laughing…. what a good day it’s been. Nice to spend time with Grant and Luke in between wedding and reception.
Oh, wedding was at Thundersly Congregational Church in Essex in case you wondered, and reception was in Southend.
tomorrow, I’m up for church in the morning with Grant, then I’m off to Nick’s in Cambridge for lunch and probably staying over until Monday morning, but I don’t really know yet.
Anyway, apologies for the infrequency of these log entries for all my fans out there (grant has this set as his homepage – how sad? But a good idea!) But technical problems which may or may not be the fault of grant’s computer have made it quite hard to do this, so APPRECIATE IT OK?

Thanks for the comment Karen – hope you read this when you get a chance to look at my diary. Have a fab time in Norwich! And I’ll probably see you for a few days before you bugger off to Australia for a year or so!

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