I missed a day!

Well, I missed a day of my log! Did you miss me?
I’m now at Grant’s in Chelmsford, and he’s boring me already so I’m online writing this. his computer is being very odd and he won’t upgrade IE because “he doesn’t like the silly icons”. Pah! Oh, and this connections not free.
What have I done today? Well, not much really. Sorted a nasty problem with my project which took a while, but only one line of writing!
Bbeen shopping too, spent over £100 on food! Then filled up with petrol with a nice 4p off voucher!
Anyway, Grant needs his beauty sleep, so I’d best go now. Oh apparently he doesn’t, but that’s on his logic.

Author: Alex

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  1. Hope that the wedding went well! I am off to Norwich tomorrow so will miss the (almost!) daily diary. Speak to u soonxxxxx

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