Well, today was actually quite a good day work-wise, when I did it – having the books on XML and XSLT has been SO helpful already. Almost got a working demo of my project now. Just need to find 15,000 words to write on it sometime.
Went to The Grove with Simon, Rob and Ego Alex, had a couple of pints (Directors and Jennings JJ No. 1) and a REAL KEBAB (Doner) on the way back from the delectable Matt. I love Matt. If you’re ever in Nottingham, make sure I take you to see him.
After that we watched Predator and Commando earlier (well, the end of both). Didn’t realise they were ’87 and ’85 – I feel old!
Doing work after the pub was pointless, too sedated, so watched some Family Guy with Rob, and now am off to bed.

Oops, if KT reads this, she’ll realise I went to the pub and forgot to ask about regulations – sorry KT!

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