Not quite there

Well, project has come along nicely today, but still not well enough! It will be at a stage in the next 2 days where I will at least have something semi-good to show if I have to do my presentation sooner than I expect.
Just watched lots of TV tho, so I have to go back to work. Sky One is dangerous (Simpsons, Mutant X, Alias, Blackwood Meets Britney). And now I just watched Mark Thomas on Channel 4 – very scary stuff – but he takes it too far or does it the wrong way sometimes. But the law probably does suck.
Oh well, no rest for me, back to work.

Author: Alex

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2 thoughts on “Not quite there”

  1. Is there a chance you may have to do your presentation earlier than you expected? Can they just spring it on you?! Sounds a bit unfair!

  2. No, it’s just they’re spread out over 2 weeks (I think) and so it could be any time in that 2 weeks. So you have to be prepared to do it whenever.
    I guess they will let me know exactly when it’s going to be sometime soon, but I need to be prepared anyway!

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