Well, it’s the start of another week… or was that Sunday? I never really know! Anyway, it’s near the start of another week.
So I got up quite early today (10am!), mainly because Rob’s dad rang for some tech support, but my alarm was set for 10.30 anyway, so I stayed up.
And here I am.
I’ve installed a new version of my IRC stats analyser here, but not sure it’s working yet!
Ordered some books for my project on Saturday, really could do with them turning up today. Amazon say they were dispatched yesterday, so there’s a little hope, but probably tomorrow.
So now I just need to get my bum off this chair and into the shower and start working.

Author: Alex

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  1. I am away for a whole week, so everytime you log on and type your diary, I want you to think….. “oooh , what would Liz say????” and then I want to get to work with your dis!!!

    MIss ya and luvya babe xxxxxx

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