Late late show

Here’s the technical bit – pay attention:
Well, I haven’t got that much done today because I have been trying to find a decent XML/XSLT parser to use for my project. One that works AND has documentation is hard to come by.
“XML – because I’m worth it!”
Anyway, back to reality…
Watched the film Keeping The Faith which was really cool – funny, romantic and interesting! Caught the end of Fortress 2 which was absolutely awful!
Then The Premiership, interspersed with Celebrities Behaving Badly, which was amusing!

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9 thoughts on “Late late show”

  1. Im getting JCMisms from this site- tho his was more interesting coz it talked about his feelings- give me some feelings- emotion dahlin!! Nice to know we are leading a similar life- procrastination rules. U can read my essay on it if u want- discover the root of it all (I think mine is general sloth)! Well, thats it- just thought id offer some support- nice site, like the look and feel bla bla. Missin wu xx

  2. Emotions? Hmm, I would tell you, but I think too many people might read this (hehe, I wish eh?) and I don’t want them knowing how I feel necessarily.

    But I do feel it’s time that I told people about how I feel about you. For some time now, people have thought that there’s something going on between me and KT, and I would just like to say, with no shadow of embarassment, that I am 100%, completely and utterly, madly, deeply, truly, not in love with KT.

    And in terms of you being the prettiest Katie I know… well, let’s just say that’s open for debate ok?

  3. u should learn to spell before u give insults πŸ˜› And we all know the truth…

  4. I do? I think you need to learn to write full words!
    I know we all know the truth… the rumour that there is anything going on between me and you was started by you and is a fantasy that only you even entertain!

  5. Stop this- we all know I reject you on a regular basis and that I am way too cool for you and have a long waiting list of people begging to go out with me. Stop spreading rumours coz I can’t be associated with you or I’ll lose my cool status.

  6. Hang, on, so you’re not posting comments on my website at all right? You must be SO sad if you spend time at nearly 2am posting on my website you freak!
    And don’t even pretend that you turn me down – you know I’m out of your league, so it’s me that does the rejecting!

    (hrm, I wonder if my parents will read this!)

  7. I’m on your website for reasons you know only too well- u paid me so you could get more hits and comments on the site- and aren’t I doing a good job πŸ™‚ Ok- enough procrastinating. Back to work. kx PS hi mum and dad!

  8. ahem, look at the stats for my website. I don’t think I need help thanks. And everyone knows I don’t have any money to pay you with, and if I did have money – there are far better things that I’d spend it on than you!
    But work is what I should be doing too… (sorry m&d)

  9. Yeah, how cute that your mum, dad and sister have been contiunously accessing your site to get the stats up. πŸ™‚

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