Mmm beer

Well, after a dinner of sizzle and stir chicken, I did some more work and then we headed out to the “Leicestershire Poacher” (I think) on Mansfield Road to experience some “real beers”.
The beer was nice, I had a pint of each of Bateman’s XB, Bateman’s Dark Mild and Fuller’s London Pride. All very palatable, thought the DM was my favourite.
I think Simon and Rob also sampled: Cropton’s King Billy (which huggie didn’t finish) and Gale’s HSB
On the way home I had my first taste of a meaty kebab! A chiken tikka with salad, mayo and hot chilli sauce from Charcoal’s… mmm very nice.
Well, I’m going to watch a film now and head bedwards.
UPDATE: for “watch a film”, read “play counter-strike”

Author: Alex

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