The day online

“What”, I hear you asking, “have you been doing today?”. Well, I will satisfy your hunger for news right now.
To clarify something: All numbers referenced within this entry refer to the second modification of my jobs list for the day, suggested by Nick here and clarified by myself here.
1&2 went pretty painlessly, though the Lemsip was tough, I’m a big boy now and can cope.
3 was good – I sat outside and had a good time with Him. Was surprised to find Dunc & Joy at home – thought they were on holiday – got a shock!
4 is pretty well underway
5 is partially started, but really needs to wait for 4 to be done, however the chicken has just gone *ping*… well, the microwave did at least.
6 is awaiting the completion of 4 and 5
7 is threatening to come too early, but I am keeping it at bay at the moment.
Hope that helps!
Oh, and this evening I believe we’re off to try out some “different” beers at a pub on Mansfield Road.

Author: Alex

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