The night sky

Oh, well, now I finally have this sorted, I can tell you what I did tonight!
Wetherspoons in Sevenoaks was the same old place it always is… not that I’ve been there 5 out of the last 6 nights!
Tonight there was Ol, Karen, Liz, Sarah and also Caroline. Now I haven’t seen or spoken to Caroline in ages before Monday night, then I saw her on Tuesday randomly, then she came out with us tonight! How odd seeing someone so little, then so much. Nice tho 😀

Anyway, the others left early-ish, so I went with Caroline to find her sister, Jo, who I have been friends with (separately and randomly – long story) for a while. She was in Pizza Express, so we sitted in there until the manager, Liz, was ready to go home, and I gave Caroline and her a lift home.
A very pleasant night altogether.
Then it was home to chat to the ‘rents and to say goodbye to them too!

Author: Alex

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