In Hindsight

Today has been a good day, apart from my bleghiness. Up relatively early this morning and off to work, which was good, I got a few things sorted (never thought I’d get my head back around the database, but I did manage to AND fix the problems – woo!).
Then I went to see the lovely Tess for a quick-ish chat, which was pleasant as usual… shame it’s the only time I’ve really seen her since I’ve been back, but hey, life goes on.
Oddly enough, I bumped into Caroline on the way home from Tess’ – haven’t seen her for 6 months, then see her twice in 2 days!
Now just found a 7th person (Max) to come to see Blade 2 tonight, after Gareth cancelled due to illness – get well soon mate! Mmmm Blade 2…
Off out in half an hour to have dinner with Simon of the Older variety, who I haven’t seen in aaages, and will be good to catch up.
I love meeting people – and that’s going to be my job next year – WooHoo!

Author: Alex

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