Tonight’s activities

Well, I’ll bet you’re gagging to know what I’ve been up to!
So, after the mishaps this morning, I made sure all clocks/watches/appliances/dogs near me have the right time so I can’t make that mistake again until at least September…
This evening I popped over to Jadie’s house where a few of us watched Moulin Rouge – what a good film. Odd, weird, bitty, but good. Just so different – not what I expected in both a good and bad way
Then I came back, watched a bit of “Days Of Thunder” with Tom & Nicole, but it was crap really.
Rachel rang and we chatted for ages, which is always very good to catch up, but also we tend to talk about stuff that matters, which is cool. Got to wait until my degree’s out the way before I can see her tho 🙁 Only 8 weeks-ish tho.

Mmmm bed time

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