Last night

Yesterday went really well – we shopped for food and drink then went back to Karen’s where we had a beer-drinking easter egg hunt. (We were drinking beer, not the eggs!) Although we only found 10/11 eggs, so there’s still one out there and Karen’t mum doesn’t know where she hid it! Hehe…
Then we cooked our dinner, which was chicken fajitas – mmmm lurvely! At about 8.30 we headed into Sevenoaks, to The Sennockian (a.k.a. Wetherspoons / Spoons) to be precise.
At chucking out time we got a taxi home, started watching X-Men and fell asleep where we landed.
All-in-all a good night… shame about this morning!

“we” means Karen, Liz, Ol, Pete and myself… where Pete is Liz’s boyfriend from Uni… he seems like a jolly nice chap and is very easy to get on with. Even managed to join in some surreal conversations with Ol – was very impressed!

Author: Alex

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