What a good night out

Wetherspoons was packed with people I’m sure are only 15… was talking to some guys and asked how long ago they left school… they said this year – I felt old… 22 and feeling it!

Said goodbye to Han sort of, but I’ll see her on Sunday before she goes to Canada for 4 months and I don’t see her until Christmas. Didn’t go to Bar Med, because I wanted to catch up with Kate and Tess.

Ended up taking the headached Tess home and then going to Kate’s for a good ole chat… which is always great. Booked my alarm call for Sunday at 9.30… can’t think of a better way to be woken up (you reading this Kate? hehe).

Chatted to the ‘rents for a bit before bed – righted some of the wrongs of the world and of church – time for bed now tho.

Another exciting day in the life of Alex done and dusted

Author: Alex

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