My use of today

In my ultimate wisdom, I have used today to admire the beauty of the world and been for a walk in Wollaton Park with Simon. I should do that more often.

I have also spent some of today working on this, working on my dissertation, and working on my IRC bot (don’t ask if you don’t know).

Author: Alex

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2 thoughts on “My use of today”

  1. I want to be the first, the very first to comment on your diary. I hope I have been, for if I have not I want you to delete the rest. If you don’t – I know where you live 😉 Oh, that is not a threat by the way (in case the FBI are monitoring your diary for any terrorist activity that you might document). I love the look of the diary too – you are of course under pressure to do interesting things. Oh and Karen and I want numerous mentions in it ;P Although Karen is going to fail her degree as she’ll be reading this every day. Every hour and every minute of every hour of every day (except Bank Holidays).

    See you soon. Love Olxxx

    P.s. Got some cool things to show you (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

  2. My mind boggles as to what those things are!

    I’m afraid that Simon (aka huggie) got there first with the comments thing, but since you at least vaguley know where he lives, you can kill him instead of me.

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